Donated time is the key element for continued success of Christian Helping Hands. Since we are an ALL-Volunteer organization, your contribution of time is precious and dear to us. We are always looking for NEW “regulars” and many, many “part-timers.”

Join the Pantry Team
These volunteers work in the pantry/warehouse, sorting incoming donated items, then boxing and shelving them. They also fill orders for clients, according to nutritional needs and the size of the family. At the present time, volunteers work Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. They create a “regular” team. Our goal is to be open five days per week. We need a minimum of five people to work the pantry per operating day. (281) 485-9667

Work the Special Events
Working a food drive or helping with seasonal events is the ideal way to contribute time while employed. Our major food drive is Holiday Harvest Food Drive, occurring on Saturdays near Thanksgiving. People working H.H.F.D. volunteer for two-hour shifts or more. Other food drives require extra volunteers. (281) 485-9667

Become a Bread Products pick up Person
Rain or shine, 7 days a week, several volunteers owning trucks or SUV’s collect donated bread products and refrigerated food from local grocery stores. Some of these volunteers make several trips to collect the daily donations. They would gladly share a run or alternate with others. Volunteers need to be “morning people” as the grocery stores usually want the bread products removed by 8 a.m. (281) 485-9776

Become a “Red Barrel” Food pick up Person
Pick up trucks are not required. A volunteer is designated to a particular Red Barrel. They monitor their assigned barrel frequently. When the barrel is full, they remove the donated canned goods and bring it to Christian Helping Hands. This is another ideal way to donate time and still have a full time job. (281) 485-9776

Become a Box-builder, Food Sorter or Shelf Stocker
Some people would like to work in the Pantry/warehouse with a team, but their daily schedules just do not permit it. Frequently, these volunteers arrive early in the morning just to help the regular team get a jumpstart before the clients arrive. They build boxes, sort canned goods and get them shelved in time for the regular teams’ daily duties. At least once a month, deliveries from the Houston Food Bank create a burden on the regular teams. Your occasional assistance would be a welcome relief to the regular teams. (281) 485-9776


We all have special gifts and talents to offer. Christian Helping Hands needs your gifts or talents in so many ways. Accept the challenge to cross a new threshold. (281) 485-9776

Not everyone feels comfortable interviewing people who are stressed or saddened by their personal dilemmas. Our Executive Director of Operations holds frequent training sessions. Please call to add your name to the list of new volunteers. Interviewers work our regular office hours: Monday - Friday from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. (281) 485-9776

Helping Hands tries to have an interpreter available during regular office hours. The interpreter can be a pantry/warehouse volunteer or an interviewer. Being bilingual is a special gift welcomed by Christian Helping Hands. We need your talent!! (281) 485-9776

If you can greet people and answer a phone with a smile, you can qualify. Bring your smiley face to Christian Helping Hands and get your daily dose of that �feel good� sensation. (281) 485-9776

Computer/Data Person
We have computers. We NEED people with experience to operate them and show others how easy it really is. Most of our volunteers missed the “cradle instructions” now taught to everyone. We need your computer talents and skills! (281) 485-9667

File Clerk
Following each interview, the files are set aside until the end of the day. Interviewers complete daily log information before the files are returned to their respective cabinets. Christian Helping Hands needs your assistance in this daily task. One could perform the file clerk’s task after hours (after 2 p.m.) This would be another opportunity to donate time and talent while working a regular job. (281) 485-9776

Join a Building Maintenance Team
Even though our building is new, little things need to be reached, repaired or toughed up. As yet, we do not have a team put together to address any future problems. Christian Helping Hands needs you to be on call for any future needs. If you are a talented handy-person, please contact us. (281) 485-9776

Join a Grounds-Keeping Team
The sun shines; the rains come and go. The plants grow; so do the weeds! We need your special green thumbs to mow, edge, weed, fertilize and water. Please contact us to help our gardens stay as beautiful as the day they were planted. Bring ALL our green fingers!!! (281) 485-9776


Treasure means money. There is just no other way to say it. Since Christian Helping Hands is NOT a profit making business, we have no income other than your contributions. Donations are used to purchase food, pay for clients� medical assistance or emergency lodging, all with limitations. The operating expenses of CHH are kept to a bare minimum, usually eleven to thirteen percent. The most important fact to remember about YOUR donation to Christian Helping Hands is that NONE of the money is used for salaries!

Types of Donations

Become an AD-Angel:
Local newspapers and fliers are a great way to communicate to the public. However, they are expensive. CHH needs “Ad-Angels” to offset these expenses. Your business logo can be displayed on our advertisements for special projects or events, showing YOUR support for this ministry. It is easy. Just contact us to show your support for our future advertising needs. (281) 485-9776

Honorariums and Memorials:
Honorariums and Memorials are a generous way to show love and respect for friends and relative. We are frequently blessed the gift of a new baby, the anniversary of a marriage or safe passage home from a vacation. Monetary gifts of thanksgiving, honorariums and memorials are one of life’s kindest gestures. (281) 485-9776

Donation of Stocks or Bonds:
Your stockbroker can assist you in donating stocks or securities to Christian Helping Hands. All you need is our tax identification number and the broker does the rest. It’s very easy!! It’s deductible!! It is a win-win contribution. (281) 485-9776

Life Insurance Policies
Working with your life insurance agent, you can designate Christian Helping Hands as a beneficiary of your life insurance policy. All you need is our tax identification number and your agent does all the rest. (281) 485-9776

Estate Planning
Working with your estate planner or attorney, you can designate funds to be given to Christian Helping Hands before or after your passing. Knowledge of your future gift will assure the continuation of the ministry to those in need. (281) 485-9776

Mail-In Check or Money Order Donations
We accept cash, checks or money orders. They work the best! (Please do not mail cash.) Mail your donations to:

Christian Helping Hands, Inc.
P.O. Box 34
Pearland, TX 77588-0034

Donate On-line

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