We, the undersigned administrative authority of this congregation, have voted to become a member church of the Christian Helping Hands organization to help the needy. We have selected the following persons to serve as our representatives to Christian Helping Hands, Inc. and serve on the Board of Directors of Christian Helping Hands, Inc.

 Representative: Name________________________________________________________






We pledge the sum of $___________per month to support the budget of this organization. We agree to cooperate with Christian Helping Hands by promoting its purposes and programs within the congregation and to encourage persons and groups within the congregation to support the organization with donations of food, volunteers, and supporting special programs. We understand that this agreement may be cancelled by us at any time upon written notice to the Board of Directors of the organization.

Church Name:___________________________________________

Mailing Address:________________________________________

Worship Address:_______________________________________

City and Zip Code:______________________________________

Authorized Signature:__________________________________



Fax. No:________________________________________________


Email Address:_________________________________________

Please mail or fax signed agreement along with your first monthly support donation to:

Christian Helping Hands, Inc. ~ P.0. Box 34 ~ Pearland, TX 77588-0034

Tel: (281) 485-9776  Fax: (281) 412-4781

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