What is Christian Helping Hands (CHH)?

CHH is a non-profit  501(C)(3) organization, formed in 1983 by local churches in our area to help people in need by providing short-term assistance with basic needs.  Our goal is to help the less fortunate become more self-sufficient whenever possible.

What kind of help is offered?

CHH gives aid to people who need FOOD and clothing. In other emergencies, CHH helps people with medicine, and overnight lodging, all on a limited basis, and as our resources allow. For long-term needs, CHH refers people to the proper public and private agencies.

Does CHH give out money to clients?

NO. CHH provides food from what we have in stock. For clothing, CHH works with local non-profit resale shops using a voucher system. For any other emergency needs, CHH pays the provider directly for the services.

How is CHH supported?

CHH is supported solely by donations of food and money by member-churches, other churches, private individuals, memorials, social and service clubs and corporations. CHH receives no government funds.

How much do member-churches contribute?

Each member-church makes its own decision on the amount of financial support they are able and willing to contribute.

Who does CHH help?

CHH helps anyone in need residing in the Pearland, Friendswood, Manvel, Brookside corridor, or is a member of a member-church who might live outside the corridor. Most people are referred to CHH by local churches, community organizations or the United Way Help Lines in this area. By checking with local churches on a regular basis, CHH tries not to duplicate services to a needy family.

Who operates CHH?

The Board of Directors, consisting of people selected from the member-churches, determines all CHH policies and programs. The Board is responsible for setting up financial aid guidelines for the amount of assistance given to a needy family. The ENTIRE STAFF of CHH is VOLUNTEERS, including the Director of Operations. They are given formal training for the CHH programs. Each volunteer is assigned a duty that best suits his or her talent and gift of time. There is NO PAID STAFF.

Haven�t individual churches been providing this kind of service all along?

Yes. It is part of our Christian calling to administer to the needy. Some churches have their own societies that have a long history of providing these services. CHH does not want to be in competition with any of these providers. By coordinating the resources of ALL churches, CHH is able to provide services, share responsibilities and reduce duplication of services.

Where does all that FOOD come from?

Member-churches donate regularly and deliver it to the CHH facility when available and convenient for volunteers. Other organizations and clubs contribute frequently to help stock the shelves. CHH is a member-agency of The Houston Food Bank that assists hundreds of agencies in the area. CHH also receives food from many RED BARRELS in the area. Several area grocery stores donate bread, sweets, and produce when it is near its expiration date.

What are the CHH assistance programs?

  • Emergency FOOD for 7 days for the entire family, as products are available.
  • Medical Referrals or Medicine for the uninsured, as funds are available
  • Emergency Clothing (voucher system with local non-profit resale shops)
  • Emergency Lodging for 2-day stay at local motel. (based on assessment and available funding)

Upon request, CHH refers people to other local agencies for school supplies, Thanksgiving packets, and holiday gifts for children.

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